Orders, Friends & Housekeeping

It has been a busy day here. I received several orders after sending out the Summer Newsletter. Thank you girls!!! While my notecard orders have been printing, I have been doing a little housekeeping to my work area. Need to take a few photos while it is somewhat straightened, but then it would look like I don't do any art. I do like the mess when working!!!!

I received an email this morning from an online friend about my blog. She started one herself the day after I did and we both used the same template. She did some customizing to hers so they are a little different. I thought it was a compliment that we would both use basically the same thing as I have admired her for several years and we both love a vintage style. If you haven't visited Amy at
Inspire Company you really should. I am sure you will find a goodie or two that you just have to have.

No bids on my ebay auctions, but I do have 6 watchers!!!! Feels funny having someone watch my things and not know who they are. Maybe they are waiting until the last minute to bid, I do that sometimes.

Time to package some orders.

Until next time. . . create and have FUN!!!!


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