Something New Something Old

For months I have been reading and enjoying the blogs some of my fellow artists and friends have started and decided I had put off starting my own for long enough. So here it is for the world to read. My blog is a place to share with you some of my everyday thoughts, my latest creations and keep you updated with what's going on with Debbie Overton Designs.

Normally I would share these thoughts and creations within one of the many journals I have made over the years making it for my eyes only. Since I decided to join the blog world I thought what better way than share my "Second Time Around Journals". They are created with old book covers and filled with vintage book pages, watercolor papers, scrapbook papers, old receipts, BINGO cards, old letters, torn and tattered papers that can be written over, painted on, doodled on or whatever I am so inclinded to do. Here are a few photos of some of the journals I have been making since I was pregnant with Colby my 21 y/o. The first one I made I carried with me everywhere. I used it to journal my thoughts, draw, test paints and techniques and more. Since I use book rings I can add or remove papers whenever I want. I have been know to take a page and use in my collage work or find an interesting paper, punch holes in it and add to the journal for future use. During my 6 month check up, a girl at the doctors office saw me doodling in one while waiting and asked if I sold them. At the time I didn't, but I quickly told her yes and I would be happy to bring a few by in a few days for her to choose from. Four days later I stopped by the office with 6 journals and sold all 6 of them.

Since I use old book covers, they vary in size and content. I usually tie on a vintage ribbon or two and then add more embellishments as I come across things of interest with each journal. The covers are always left as is so that each individual can make it their own. Sometimes I don't add anything to my cover as I enjoy the look and feel of the old book in my hands. If you are interested in ordering one, email me or you will find them for sale on my website.

For almost 22 yrs I have sold these journals to friends, neighbors, gift shops and given a few to art friends all because I carried one with me to my 6 month check up. I have orders to fill to ship to shops on the east and west coast and in between, plus I am participating in a local Art Show starting tomorrow and need to finish up a few things.

I will be back hopefully with a few pics of the Art Show once I figure out how everything works here.

Until then, create and have fun!!!!


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