Paris and Kings

Last week I was having a creative crisis with a challenge I had signed up for. I got discouraged, I put my art up for days, I vented to Deb and Becky, and final yesterday I completed the project. I posted the final results to my art group and received positive feedback, but then they had heard me complaining so much, they may have just wanted to shut me up and positive comments will certainly do that.

I started my own art group back in May, Mixed Media Artists, and this is one of the best groups I have ever been in. Everyone is so talented and so willing to share their tips and how to's. I just love each and everyone of the girls and feel there is a special friendship there among us.

I can't tell you about the project for these pieces yet, as we are keeping it top secret, but I can share with you my 2 submissions.

Until next time. . .Create and have Fun!!!!


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Amy said...

Debbie, I adore these! You did a really swell job and I can't wait to hear more about this secret project. Much intrigue!