Creative Challenge

Oh it is one of those days at least creative wise. I signed up for an art challenge and let me tell you it is challenging me. I have piles of papers, ribbons, fabrics, buttons and etc everyone. I have started this little project no less than 4 times. It involves ATC's (Artist Trading Card) and I have a big problem working in such a small scale. I am told the more I do the easier it will get. Well girls I'm not getting any younger and at this rate I just might have it down by the time I take up residence in the local nursing home.

I think I need a break, ok this will be my 3rd break today and I won't even try to remember how many breaks I took yesterday. Kaycee said a good movie and lots of chocolate will help!! What have I got to loose? Just gaining the couple of pounds I lost when I was sick back!!

Off to make some fudge and then rent a movie. . .


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