Random Thoughts

I must start with a hugh THANK YOU to the many of you that emailed me after you received the "Summer Fun Newsletter", with your compliments, your orders, and request for future posting here in the journal. So many of you said you missed my old newsletters that included bits and pieces of my families activities, my favorite recipes and the occasional contest that I did. Emmy said she had read my AboutMe on my website and asked that I share some of my childhood days with you here. After much thought, I have decided I will try to include a little of these request and more in future writings. Today's thoughts have no rhyme or reason, just things I have had on my mind.

Where does my time go? Do you find yourself asking the same question of yourself? I can tell you for the past week I have been fighting a case of bronchial pneumonia. I am beginning to feel like I might live, but it was certainly questionable for a few days. I'm still not sleeping much at night, partly due to the coughing and my mind going 90 to nothing thinking of all the things I want or need to be doing.

Speaking of things I want to do. . .Some of you may have noticed yesterday and last night I was trying to make changes to the style and layout of my journal. As you can see I didn't have much success. I want to customize it to flow with my website style and I know it can be done, but for the life of me I could not get it to work. This is not the first time I have tried it, but this time I am blaming it on lack of sleep and the meds I have been on. I also want to add some links to my ebay auctions, products on my website and a few other things.

If you like whimsical art you have just got to visit my friend Becky's ebay listing. Here's a link to her latest addition, I just love it. Bees In My Bonnet Becky is so talented and a wonderful mentor to me and many others.

I just finished printing a nice card order, so I must find a close to these random thoughts today and finish processing the order so that it goes out in tomorrows mail.

I almost forgot, some of you have been asking me how you would know when I add to my journal. I am going to try to visit here at least every few days so it would probably be best if you want to keep up with my on goings that you book mark us as one of your favorite blog spots. You can also reach my journal via my website if you have that marked. I will be sending updates and new happenings occasionally to my mailing list before I mention them here, so if you have not already done so you might be interested in signing up for my mailing list. If you do you also become eligible for my monthly surprise. Sign Me Up

Time, there it goes again.

Until next time. . . .Create and have Fun!!!!


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