Rainy Day

I have found it hard to concentrate today, it has been rainy all day. It all started early this morning with dark clouds and lots of rumbles, you know the perfect sleeping weather. Naturally I needed to run errands today, so out in the rain I went. Back from my errands I started pulling out some art supplies, but I'm just not in the mood this afternoon. I have a couple projects that really need my attention, but they will not get it today. I have an art challenge coming up that I am excited about. Our host will reveal all the details today. I am in hopes that will trigger me to get busy.

Steve and I have plans to go out to eat Saturday. He wants to go to Red Lobster or Olive Garden. I guess since it is Father's Day weekend, the least I can do is let him decide. But then I start thinking what if I don't like his choice or what if we go to his choice and after I order I'm not happy, then I have to pretend everything is great or he will feel bad about his choice.

It is raining here again. Guess we won't have to water the flowers or tomatoes this afternoon. I think it is time to grab a glass of grape Kool-Aid with a slice of lemon and my book and settle in for the duration of the rain.

In honor of my Daddy, here's a little collage I did using his first grade school picture.

Until next time. . . .Create and have FUN.


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Deb T said...


The collage with the vintage image of your dad is just perfect - divine serendipity that you have all those family images & the talent to bring them to life!

Love your new blog, too!

Deb Trotter